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Wedding Styling Sydney Brisbane and Melbourne


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Wedding Styling Sydney Brisbane and Melbourne

Delivering exceptional experiences

Sydney based hospitality group, The Fresh Collective delivers exceptional experiences and event catering services across a portfolio of premium event venues, cafés, restaurants and retail stores in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

Fresh operates as the exclusive events partner and manages outlets in venues including: The Museum of Contemporary Art, The Queensland Museum and Coco Republic.

Sydney Catering Company

Established & Experienced

Founded in 1998 by Peter McCloskey, The Fresh Collective employs a team of passionate experts who stand by the company’s values of excellence, innovation and integrity. With over forty years of experience in the industry, Peter McCloskey has guided and built The Fresh Collective into the successful hospitality business that it is today employing a team of dedicated professionals, who are among the best in the industry.

The Team


Chef Ambassador, James Viles, owner of two hatted Biota Dining in Bowral has worked in partnership with The Fresh Collective since 2016. With a shared vision and commitment to the principles that define Biota Dining: sustainability, local produce and botanical ingredients, James works with The Fresh Collective to develop premium event experiences and signature menus.

James and the chefs at The Fresh Collective care about produce – where it comes from and how it is farmed, working with suppliers who farm ethically. Ingredients are seasonal and local wherever possible and menus change with the seasons.

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Fresh offers a range of event services for any style of event including weddings, corporate events, private events at home, major events and styling. As a Gold Licensed caterer Fresh delivers a range of experiences to suit any brief, with over twenty years’ experience, Fresh is the caterer of choice for clients looking to produce seamless events with great food and drinks, delivered with flair by professional staff.

In addition to event services The Fresh Collective has broad experience of working in partnership with iconic brands providing operational management for a number of restaurant and bar concepts in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. Fresh has the experience and infrastructure to deliver a strong branded, quality dining experience with a proven partnership approach and an experienced team to ensure success. The Fresh Collective currently manages a portfolio of restaurants and bars including: L‘Americano at Coco Republic Brisbane, The Museum of Contemporary Art Sydney and The Grove at Hidden Valley Resort Melbourne.

What We Do

Committed to Sustainability

The team at Fresh are committed to minimising their environmental footprint and have adopted a whole life cycle approach to ensure optimal sustainability outcomes. Having implemented various initiatives and adopting practices the team works towards the goal of being carbon neutral. Some of the initiatives include:

  • At the head office and production kitchen 100% of waste is recycled.
  • Implemented an innovative food waste solution. Turning food waste into an environmentally safe liquid that goes down the drain and is disposed of using existing sanitary sewer infrastructure. Currently one-third of all food produced ends up in landfill, Fresh is doing their bit to reduced food waste
  • All milk bottles used by Fresh are recycled through The Milk Bottle Collective. The Milk Bottle Collective use these milk bottles to create new milk bottles.
  • Eliminated non-recyclable packaging materials. 100% of packing is biodegradable and compostable.


As part of our commitment to achieving sustainable outcomes we source produce from providores and suppliers that use 100% ethical and sustainable practices. Some of our suppliers are below:

Farmer Joes Chicken – Barn raised chickens, no added hormones, cage free and sourced from Aussie farmers.
Brasserie Bread –Work with farmers who employ holistic farming techniques and use regenerative agricultural practices.
Andrews Meat – A company that actively supports best practice farming, managing and monitoring their environment responsibly.
Malawa Cheese Co – Australian hand-made cheese using only goat’s and cow’s milk sourced locally.
Saint David Dairy – Their dairy employs many practices to ensure sustainability including using milk that is sourced from farms within 100km of the dairy.



Care and respect for staff is deeply rooted in the culture of The Fresh Collective. A team of dedicated professionals, who are among the best in the industry deliver exceptional experiences and have a reputation for the delivery of excellent food and service each and every day. The Fresh Collective are always on the lookout for talented, passionate and professional staff to help Fresh to grow and diversify. For current job opportunities visit:

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